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Contact information

UAB Palangos vandenys
Austejos street 36
LT-00163, Palanga
Company Code 152447391
VAT payer code LT524473917

SEB bank account  LT927044060000767070

Swed bank account  LT247300010002348770

Siauliu bank account  LT497180600000467883

DNB bank account   LT414010051001876220


UAB Palangos vandenys
Austėjos street 36, LT-00163 Palanga

Phone +370 460 41221, +370 460 41222
Fax  +370 460 41222

  Work Time 
I-IV 8.00 -17.00
V 8.00 - 14.30

  Lunch Break
  12.00 - 12.30